Sammy called and he wants to come home with you.

After a week out of town for me, I was greeted at the shelter by very loud barks of "hello" and "where were you?"  Sammy hopped into my car off to Thera-Vet.  He was so happy and smiling to see me.  He now sits up sometimes in the car to look out the window, and if the temperature is anywhere above freezing I open the window and let him sniff the air.  He loves it.  He loves the car.  He's just happy.  

But as spring approaches, and I start thinking about dog walking and all the things Barkley loves outside, I want a home even more desperately for Sammy.  He's ready for someone to walk him every day and stretch out his legs every day.  I wish I could get him on a walk daily, but I'm there at least 3 times a week already, and my schedule has been insane.  

On an exciting note- Sammy is now in second place on the leader board at Thera-Vet He is at 16 minutes - 8 minutes - break - 8 minutes.  He is only 2 minutes away from the leader.  And the leader has 4 legs!  He's making incredible progress.  He used to be the lowest on the board.  

Sammy will be at Petco tomorrow, Saturday from 1-3.  Please stop by to visit and fall in love.