Cars vs. Dog Carts

I've been mostly taking Sammy to therapy, and Petco, so every time I see him, he gets to go for a ride.  So, yesterday, I went to just work out with him in his cart.  He was sooo mad that he wasn't getting a ride, so he just stopped in his cart and barked at the car.  He barked as I made him walk up the hill with me.  Then he realized how lucky he was, and we went for a nice 20 minute walk.  He was a bit of a drunken driver in his cart, weaving in front of me over and over again.  I'm going to have to start figuring out how to train him to "heel" in his cart, and stay on one side.  He used to be great staying on my right (he seems to do better on that side), but yesterday he was a mess!  But he was happy. 

This is a fuzzy picture of Sammy at his new favorite activity at Thera-Vet!  They put the towels over his head and he barks and plays peek-a-boo.  Oh Sammy- he's breaking my heart more and more each day.  I leave you with the way I leave Sammy every day, tired, exhausted, and in his pen at ASL.  I'm breaking out the sad Sammy pictures now.  He wants to come live on a couch- heck he'd be happy with a comfy bed on the floor.