Sammy has friends!

In the past few days, a few wonderful people around the country have emailed me with encouragement for Sammy.  He is now featured at Cassie's Three Legged Dog Club.  Which is good, because the past few days, he has been very tired and very demanding.  He also hasn't been in his cart with me lately very much (I've been doing PT mostly), so he has been a drunk driver while walking with me.  Just wanting to run into me and be pet instead of walking.  Oh Mr. Sammy.  I have to remind myself that he isn't regressing, he's just used to other people walking him in his cart.  He is ready for a home, and someone to make him walk on only one side of them, and give him one set of commands.  I say that with every post lately, but I think about it all the time.  So toady I leave you with Sammy and his carrot.  I bought him a squeaky carrot last week, and you can see the parts of it starting to come off five minutes after we got it back into his pen (he did carry it around the store for a while, which was soooo cute).