We're off to the races

Sammy ran on Monday! I started walking him in his wheelchair/ cart on the street (it is up a hill), on a leash, and he is so so happy. We went up and down the street twice. And ran the last part both time. His tongue was lolling as he chased me down the street. We both came in panting.

Today, when I showed up, he was sitting, waiting for me. Sitting! He usually is laying down in his cage. I guess all the sits are working. He seems to be sitting for attention rather than laying down. We again went for a walk outside, but he was tired. I think it was the biter cold. He's learning how to turn though! I walk with him like a normal dog on a leash, except for the occasional crash into the curb. He did a strange galloping run, which I'm going to ask his vet about. It was like a hopping on three legs. It could be good, I don't know. Then I let him out of his chair to pee, and he didn't fall at all! Even after our exhausting run. I love this little guy so much. After our exercise, I have been using the heating pad, and I massage him. I just lay down in his cage, and he falls asleep. Well, until I stop petting/ massaging him, then I get a giant wagging tail in my face and he looks up for more love. Friday it's PT and the underwater treadmill. Wish us luck.