Saturday Morning

M. woke me up round 10:30- I get so excited to see her, and yet she makes me work. Her and some other lovely volunteers helped me get in my cart, and off we went into the lake snow which had been falling since morning. I ran out- bumping into walls as I went. But I ran. All by myself. I'm so used to being next to people that at first I don't know what to do. So M. flails her arms, and I come running full speed. Watch out, I'm liable to run you over (as long as you are straight ahead of me). I ran through the snow covered grass, which is much harder than on the cement. I love the squeak in the ball, but have never chased one, so I just watch with excitement (really I love watching M. run after the ball like an idiot). Everyone at the shelter was so happy to see me playing. Then after I was too tired to play anymore (10 minutes wore me out) M. showed me a place I'd never been to- the end of the fence, where I could stay watch and see the world. I came in and surprised M. by showing her that I had learned to back up! So when I hit an object I back up- then go forward, and run back into it. I'll be working on turning this week. M. let me slither out of my cart (my best skill), and I realized the doors were open and ran over to the office the see the kitties. I need to be more stealth, or they are going to start shutting the doors around me. No one expects to see me hopping around- so they let me snuggle up and love me when I run up to them (even if it is to see if there is any kittie poop to smell). Tomorrow everyone else learns how to get me into my chair. . . more playtime! Pictures to come soon.