The Story of How M. and I met

S., a very kind worker at Animal Services League, met my new best friend M. at dog school. They both apparently have little mean dogs who needed a lot of school. S. asked M. to help with my transport to my physical therapy appointments, and this week she came in to see me and get the lay of the land at ASL. I charmed her immediately with my tragic sad act- but she saw through it- I think it was the eyeball and stuffing she found in my crate when she let me out, then she got me all fired up playing with me. She made me work hard to go outside, and then threw snowballs at me (one which I caught). We came back in, and I collapsed in her lap, and I knew I had her wrapped around my three little paws. I think I sealed the deal yesterday on the ride to pet therapy, when I laid my head on her lap and farted in her car. She sure worked me hard though! But I did love the freedom of running on the farm after her. I'll catch her one of these days, or she'll trip and fall- then I'll trap her in a slobbery slime of kisses. A dog can dream.