Dog Park, here we come

Today was Sammy's first walk in the park. We hit the local dog park, which I usually can't go to, due to Barkley's dog aggression. Sammy was so very happy. At times I even had a hard time keeping up with him. He met a few tiny dogs, who he seemed to like and one dog aggressive dog he did awesome with. We walked 25 minutes and he wasn't that tired. Then I let him off leash/ cart in a snowy field and he rolled back and forth in the snow on his back. Just like a true lab.

He is really learning how to sit when he's waiting for things, so he doesn't crash face first into the ground. In fact, he hasn't crashed in a while. Getting in and out of the car is tough, we don't have a great system for that, but he does fine moving around the car. In fact the other day I left him in my car for a few minutes and when I came back, he had miraculously moved from the front seat to the back. . .