Loving Whirlpool Baths

Sammy's best picture in the Haku-Med whirlpool bath.  Here you can see how he is so completely relaxed (so relaxed that we've taken to giving him ridiculous hair styles while he's in it- here he is sporting a faux hawk).  He also has a love of his yellow floating pillow in it. This is the treatment I hope his adoptive family continues, as it completely relaxes him, and helps him so much.  When he is getting in, he is completely smiling and he has learned that when it beeps, he has to get out.  He sulks a bit after getting out, until toweling off, his second favorite activity! Tomorrow Sammy's story will be on the radio, on Fickle 93.3 at *gasp* 7:40 am.  Sammy won't have to get up, but Barkley and I will.