Whirlwind few days

Therapy twice this week- to make up for a missed ice storm day! Look at me on my way into the whirlpool. Sammy actually almost fell asleep in it. It took him all of 30 seconds to relax, and it's incredible the difference it is making. He's starting to stretch his legs out behind himself in every day life. He's up to 11 minutes total on the treadmill, and isn't nearly as winded on it. Best of all- he's lost 5 lbs! Only 5 more to go.

He's just had a great week. After 3 weeks on new food, starting glucosamine last week, there are big changes in him. I swore his eyes were starting to clear up and look much clearer- and another volunteer confirmed that it wasn't my imagination. He's a very happy dog. A million children pet him today at Petco. He would be a great dog for a family who wants to love him. these pics are of him at therapy and look how happy he is to just have people paying attention, even if he is working hard on the treadmill, or being hoisted up into the whirlpool.