A Real House Dog

Sammy did great at Petco today.  He didn't have a pen, so he roamed around requiring pets from every passerby.  Afterwards I took him over to my friend R.s house.  I wanted to see how he did at a house.  If he could climb the stairs, get onto the couch, etc.  She has two crazy young puppies, and Sammy was not too fond of their high energy level.  But he did well on their carpeted stairs- he needed his sling, but he sat down once he got to the landing and waited for me to put on his sling.  He is beginning to ask when he needs help.  He sits and waits.  He LOVED the couch.  He literally curled up next to R.'s husband, rolled over and waited for his belly to be rubbed.  He is a great dog for anyone looking for someone to just snuggle on the couch.  I've never seen him on a couch, in a real house and that is where he belongs.  It encouraged me even more to keep looking for the perfect house for him.  Isn't anyone ready for him?