Sammy is My Co-Pilot

Today was our first day of PT. I picked Sammy up and he hopped right in the passenger side of the car. He loved the car. He was able to see out the windshield, and he alternated staring and sleeping with his head on my leg. We got to Thera-Vet early, and Sammy crashed into a tree in the snow. But he got right up and hopped into the office. Dana, Dr. Browne's assistant (and husband) was so nice- and put him in their beautiful exam room, which had a massage mat on the floor! Dr. Browne came in and massaged him, as she examined his body. He has arthritis in his front elbow, and a lame ankle. He refused 2 treats, due to their "lite" nature. We adjusted his cart and got him in it. After a few crashes around the small office, we took him outside. He loved running towards me, as Dana helped his hind- but really he was doing it on his own. It was so great to see him from that vantage point. He only made it up the driveway and back, and he was tired. Our goal this week is longer walks, and more exercise.